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How to Turn Off a City Water Shut Off Valve

Many New Yorkers have experienced a city water shut off valve at some point. This could be caused by a broken water main or by installing new city pipes. As a result, your water may seem rusty or noisy. Then, when the water starts flowing again, you’ll probably have to turn on your faucet again. If you’re unsure how to turn off the city water valve, you should get in touch with the utility company to learn more about the process.

To turn off the water supply, you need to locate the city water shut off valve in your home. There are several types of these valves. The multi-turn valve is the easiest to use. If you have a single lever control, you can see whether it is turned off by sight. Single-lever valves can be tricky to turn. But with the Home Depot app, you can find the right valve for your home and its plumbing system.

If you have no experience in repairing these valves, a simple way to do it yourself is to use a bucket and pour water out of any pipes. Then, drain any water that remains in the pipes. Once the water is drained from the pipes, turn the valves counterclockwise. If the valves are still leaking, call a professional. Alternatively, you can replace the defective valve yourself with a compression valve or push on valve. When replacing a valve, make sure to shut off the main water valve first.

If you have a basement, you should trace the water distribution system back to an exterior wall to find the main shut off valve. The smaller shut off valve can be found in the utility room or garage. The installation of a smaller shut off valve should only be performed by a licensed plumber. Despite its small size, it can save your home from a flood or other water damage. If you have a city water shut off valve, do not try to turn it on by yourself.

If you’re unable to locate the city water shutoff valve, call a plumber for help. In most cases, the valves can be turned manually. If you’re unsure of how to turn a valve, you can use a wrench or work gloves to do it safely. To turn the valves, you should first remove the valve handle from the water meter box. It’s best to avoid the city shutoff side, as it’s the coldest part of the meter.

The main water shutoff valve should be easily accessible and located in a convenient place. Most people place them near the ground level bathroom or in the closet near the bathroom. Turning the valve to the right will stop water flow to that appliance. In some cases, the main valve is the one to turn off the water supply for the entire house. However, if you’re trying to install a new bathroom, this valve is likely to be located in a closet near the bathroom.