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Commercial Standard Four Post Car Lifts


 Mechanic Superstore published Commercial standard four post car lifts offer a commercial-grade solution for large-scale automotive activities. They provide ample drive-thru clearance and lift height for larger vehicles, and they come with optional cross beams to accommodate oversized vehicles. They are also lightweight, easy to use, and highly reliable.

Commercial standard four-post car lift is ideal for large-scale automotive activities

A commercial standard four-post car lift is an efficient tool for large-scale automotive activities. The lift's design requirements are covered by CS142-65, a National Bureau of Standards standard. CS142-65 was first approved as an ANSI national standard in August 1996 and was revised and approved as an ANSI national safety standard in 2000 and 2008. In 2013, the ALOIM Standard was reaffirmed by ANSI. Since then, ALI has published a vehicle lifting point guide covering domestic and imported cars.

The four-post car lift features an efficient locking system that prevents movement of the car during its elevation. It also features two sturdy ramps that provide traction and stability to vehicles during the loading process.

It offers ample drive-thru clearance

The BendPak HD series garage lift is designed for serious car enthusiasts. It offers the same features as larger commercial grade hoists, but at a much more affordable price. While BendPak could have cut corners to make the lift cheaper, they've chosen to pay attention to details to make their hoists better than their competitors.

The BendPak HD-9XW car lift features a low runway and extended approach ramps for easy loading. This lift also features mechanical locks to prevent the vehicle from moving during elevation. It also features a backup cable slack detection system for added safety.

It offers ample lift height

The Bendpak 4 post car lift has ample lift height and is a great choice for commercial shops that need a reliable lift. It has an efficient locking system to ensure the vehicle does not move during elevation. It also has two sturdy ramps for a stable entry into the loading zone. In addition to its impressive lift height and ease of use, the Bendpak car lift is backed by excellent service and support.

This versatile four-post car lift is ideal for medium-sized cars, SUVs, and mini-trucks. With a 14000-pound capacity, it is capable of lifting heavier vehicles and is a great choice for a garage. The lift is easy to maneuver and comes with advanced hydraulic systems. It is made from top-grade materials and features smart, innovative construction.

It comes with a caster kit

The Bendpak 4 post car lift has an integrated caster kit and three drip trays to help prevent fluids from dripping on the bottom of the vehicle. It is easy to assemble and is portable, making it the perfect tool for service or storage of your vehicle. The adjustable lift has a time-tested design that automatically engages at ten different positions. It also has an easy-to-use jack tray for lifting one end of the vehicle.

The BendPak four-post lift has a heavy-duty construction to ensure it's long lasting. The welded steel construction and one hydraulic cylinder make this lift easy to maneuver and secure. It will stay in top shape as long as you take care of it. The caster kit allows you to move the lift around to get the job done faster and easier.

It has eight independent safety lock devices

The BendPak four post car lift is built with safety first in mind. There are eight independent safety lock devices on each post, including four primary and four back-up ones. These are designed to reduce the strain on the lift columns, and each lift is equipped with stainless steel lifting cables and a single hydraulic cylinder for smooth operation. A BendPak lift can last as long as ten years with proper maintenance and care.

The cylinders of the BendPak car lifts have internal flow-restrictors to prevent rapid descent in case of failure. This design also meets worldwide standards. In addition, BendPak lifts are designed to not use quick disconnect fittings. These fittings have spring-loaded ballseats, and a faulty ball could cause an uncontrolled fall. Thankfully, this problem never occurs in normal use.